Solfeggio Sonic Meditations App Reviews

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Love it

I love this app and my three kids love this app. That being said, I have to purchase a meditation multiple times (!!) in order for my kids to have it also! This really needs to be made to go across multiple devices. I hesitate on buying the meditations bc we are trying not to overbuy duplicates, but if it was across multiple devices I would buy so many more. This is a serious fix that should be addressed. Updated to 5 stars from 2! Found out that you CAN share it with the family. You have to set your phone in settings to log into the App Store with the main email address, and do that on all the devices. This was a success! Did it to all the devices and then purchased one on one of the devices and hit “restore” on the others and it downloaded it. Off we go to purchase!!

Great meditation - if it loads.

Very frustrating. Just bought another meditation to aid sleep but it won't download. Now I am all aggravated with no sleep in sight.


I can appreciate what they're doing but I cannot reach the state of having a calm mind with someone speaking aloud and interjecting their energy, maybe it works for some but not I. Thanks but no thanks.


Awesome app! I am the worst sleeper in the world and this does an amazing job of putting me to sleep! Within five minutes I am out. Love it! I only wish more were free or there was a discount to buy multiples!


I use this app daily! I highly recommend it. I plan to try others. By far this app stands apart in the field

I love Glenn!

I started out with the free versions and quickly paid for this app. I've used almost all of Glenn's apps. They are all spectacular. You won't be disappointed. I suggest listening 4-5 times if you aren't initially "getting" anything. You just might be surprise when it "clicks".

Great App!

It really works! Give it a try and commit to listening with the intention of healing sleep... You will be out before you even realize and awaken well rested too!

Changed my life

I love this app. I use it all the time. I have trouble sleeping and have started use this to help get me to sleep. Now, I wake up well rested and often even confused about where I am. I'm a believer. I even use it for when I'm feeling anxious. And it seems to bring me back to self.

Great meditations

I downloaded a free meditation and loved it so I purchased 2 meditations. Very relaxing and peaceful, and super music/ambiance. Thank you!

The best hypnotherapy app

I have several Glenn Harrold apps and I love everyone of them. I look forward to my afternoon "time out" so I can relax and rest my mind and body, highly recommend these apps!


LOVE this app .. I use it all the time, and keep expanding my library. An invaluable support for issues I am working on, among them insomnia , which is now a thing of the past because of the amazing hypnosis sessions. I could not live without this app! Highly recommended!


This. App rocks'

Glenn Harrold's Meditations

Excellent Meditations covering a wide variety of topics. I am completely rocked by his skill and find myself deeply helped by each of the five meditations that I have purchased so far! Thank you Glenn Harrold!

Love This App

I have been using this app for months now. I find that it helps me calm my mind and allow me to fall asleep. Thank You so much for this !

Just right

Guiding voice is great, music is wonderful. I've purchased some of the add-ons and like every single one so far. Suggestions and affirmations on point.

Works every time!

I use the sleep and relaxation app and I have NEVER made it through the whole thing! I always fall asleep before it runs out! Amazing!!

Exactly what I'd been looking for!

I had been searching high and low for the perfect relaxation/meditation to fall asleep to; as I find it very difficult to work meditation into my busy morning routine. This series is flexible and has had positive impacts on my emotional health, my ability to sleep well, concentration...overall I just feel some relief from the stressors of my life. My only regret is not discovering it sooner. I have enthusiastically recommended it to friends and family, and will continue to do so in the future. Many, many blessings to all the people that brought this production into the world. The music is subtle but fully present, interweaving neatly into the words and affirmations within. I have always been skeptical of affirmations; but the words chosen in these seemed to be just the right medicine for my soul. So much gratitude for discovering these sequences. Blessed be to all those that listen and resonate! <3

Thank you Glenn!

The music is an excellent synergy with Glenn's voice. Check this out :)


As an individual with anxiety and insomnia this app is perfect. It helps to relax me and ease me into a calm sleep. I don't get night terrors when using this app. It's truly amazing and honestly I couldn't live without it. 😊

Love this! I can finally sleep

I have chronic insomnia. I have tried many medications, supplements etc, to help me sleep. All have been ineffective or had side-effects. I am thrilled to find a something that helps me sleep and I feel great in the morning. Don't expect instant success. Listen to the meditation several nights in a row as it could take a week or two for your mind and body to focus and relax. I prefer the Solfeggio Relax and Sleep. I relax more with the background sounds. Thank you Glenn Harold for giving me full meditations to try for free. You have been a difference-maker. I will be a repeat customer!

What Happened to Free Solfeggio?

This app kept crashing and finally got it to load and now it wants me to purchase the other versions- nothing in this app is free?

What is free?

I downloaded this app but there is nothing free to listen to. Everything I select requires a purchase.


This was the first app I got by Glenn - I have since bought the rest - does any one know if this one will be fixed along with the rest for iOS 8? Love and sweet dreams

I miss these!

I listened to these nightly. Please hurry & fix for ios8, thank you!

Can't open

Love this app but since last iPhone update it won't open. Help?

Crashing in iOS 8.0.2

Here's hoping for an iOS 8 update that will allow the app to resume working. Will gladly raise my rating accordingly when this happens.

Great app but iOS 8....

Is making the app crash. Cannot even open it now. Really good sleep app. Please FIX!

The Best

Been listening to Glenn's recordings for over a year.Love all the solfeggio recordings. If you have never given one a try you are missing out on a great experience.


Quite useful & effective app!

I love this App

I love this App, it really helps me relax. I'd buy the others, but I see no price.

Namaste! :)

Thank you so much! Love and blessings to you and yours and everybody in here as well. :)

Another world

Glen Harold brings you to a deeper world within your subconscious that helps you sleep and change your life all of his recordings i have heard are great and worth buying I think you get more out of it if you are a spiritual person though.

Solfreggio meditation

Very nice and relaxing.

Nice , And great effect

I have a hard time sleeping. couldnt go to sleep before 2am but after I tried this firsttime I fall asleep before 12am.

Very relaxing

Will be getting more of these!


I'm working on getting all of these! Love the fast deep relaxation! Glenn Harrolds voice is the best!

Highly Recommend

It is fantastic wish there was a cheaper price for the whole series but wonderful! I definitely want the other!!


This is just what I've been looking for on the healing path. Thank you for this beautiful gift from your hearts.

6 OUTTA 5!

I have yet to make it all the way through this app. Glenn's voice lulls me to sleep almost every night. My days are much more energetic thanks to the easy sleeping nights Glenn and Ali have provided for me. Thank you both. Allow yourself to let go completely! :)

Great App!!!

What a great app to relax and meditate. His intro and great sounds are perfect.

Great App.

I will definitely be purchasing more. I wasn't able to sleep last night, so I looked up a meditation app. I was asleep very fast. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a long time. I also noticed that I can breathe better and deeper.


Love this!!! I never fail to fall asleep listening to this revording.


This is an excellent app. Glenn and Ali do a great job in putting these together. I am definitely checking on the full package.

Money 1st

I downloaded this free version for trial and feel compelled to parrot the 1-star reviewer: the focus on monetary reward is distractingly evident. This app put out in haste as there are glitches that should've been fixed before making available, ie, 4 copies of each track instead of 1; same sales pitch on separate tracks. STOP SELLING if your work is non-pretentious and helpful, it will sell itself. I'm looking elsewhere. Try living with less so you are not so concerned with building ego and worldly goods that you are asking us to sponsor.

$4.99 each???!

Really? Come on now,they aren't worth that kind of money for EACH full version. Better results with much less cost involved ---> Andrew Johnson apps. Trust this advice,I've tried them all. Anything with Glenn Harrolds name on it costs way to much!


I've never been in a trance but I swear I was in one last night and I actually felt all the negative energy leave my body. It was scary for a second until I realized how good I felt afterwards and also how my sinus infection is actually starting to clear up! AMAZING!!

Really helps me to sleep

This was my first Glen Harold app. Now I listen to his Solfeggio apps during my breaks at work and when I wake up at night. Superb!

Amazing! No...seriously...AMAZING!

I did it. I'll admit it. I downloaded this app because of its price (FREE! As one of my dear friends says "Free is for ME!"). Boy, am I glad I did. First of all, I needed something to help me relax and sleep. Done...within five minutes, snoozeville. Second, because I'm really starting to get into the power centered within our chakras, I decided to download some of the individual Chakra Meditations. Result: life-changing. I kid you not. Glenn is able to tap into my subconscious like no one's business. The negativity and ill feelings I was harboring towards my ex-husband have almost completely withered away into a void of non-feeling. That peace of mind, alone, is worth far more than I could ever pay Glenn. Finally, he is one cool guy! I became a fan of his Facebook page and sent him a message asking a question about the subconscious...he responded back to me within the hour. I was impressed! So enjoy this free app, but do yourself a favor and explore further the other chakras. I think you'll be glad you did. Namaste...Rebeccah



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